Since 1988, Colchester Rubber



The “World’s First Basketball Sneakers”.
Invented by George Watkinson and his son Irving

The brand is known for being the world’s first Sneaker brand and inventing the “World’s First Basketball Sneakers”.

The town of Colchester was a mere 50 miles from Springfield, Massachusetts
where basketball was invented in December 1891 by Dr. James Naismith.

Given his interest in sport, it is believed that Irving Watkinson was a basketball player early in the life of the sport.

Whatever his link with the sport and Dr. Naismith, it is considered that Irving Watkinson designed a shoe specifically for use playing basketball.
A surviving pair of basketball shoes was discovered in December 2004 at an estate sale in Vista, California.

The design of these basketball shoes is the classic American image of a sneaker and the essence of Irving Watkinson’s design
can be seen in the styles and brands which followed through the years.
Based on the long history and tradition as a classic sneakers brand,
Wing’s created a vintage casual sneakers line and a walk heritage line inspired by a modern emotion and a classic life styles.

Colchester Video
This video was taken at Wing's foot Korea's Logistics Center.